Maldives Resort Wellness Spa

Maldives beach island resorts have always been known for the rendering of holistic wellness experiences. As a custom, all private island resorts in the Maldives will have a fully-equipped wellness center where guests are offered a wide variety of bodily and mental wellness therapies. Certified spa therapists and professional receptionists host a spa center at any beach resort. Generally, the spa services are available to guests of all ages! But a few resorts in the Maldives only welcome adults to their spa.

Normally, Maldives beach resorts put up their spa center either on the island or over the water according to the availability of space. Because a spa center needs a befitting ambiance and environment for the perfect execution of its wellness missions. Spas on the island are put amidst the jungle offering a blissful air whereas the over-water spas lie totally detached from the populated portion of the resort, getting an abundance of seclusion.
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Spa centers of Maldives beach resorts can give you a wide range of wellness rituals, bodily therapies, beauty services, and massages. Wellness offerings too will reflect the cultural diversity with different styles of therapies inspired from all corners of the world incorporated into the menu. Ancient Oriental styles of massages such as Thai and Balinese, and Ayurveda are available here. In addition to the commonplace treatments, the spa centers come up with their own signature wellness offering which would be a customized version of several popular spa rituals.

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The spa centers of Maldives beach resorts necessarily feature a set of spa amenities in order to smoothly function. A typical spa complex will have various treatment rooms, relaxation and welcome lounges, spa boutique, sauna, steam room, yoga pavilion, salon and places for pedicure and manicure.
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Generally Maldives resorts provide holiday and honeymoon packages with a spa session included in it. Unlike other complimentary facilities, spa sessions are available at a fee. Going for all inclusive resort deals is a strategic way for getting a convenient spa session on your itinerary. Special Maldives getaway packages such as destination wedding will already include complimentary spa sessions on its itinerary. It is best recommended that if a spa session is a must on your bucket list, you should let your tour operator know this in advance.
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Once you reach the resort, the receptionist will walk you through your itinerary. Your spa session will be clearly marked on the itinerary with exact time. All you need to do is just swing by the spa at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time. If you have not already paid for a spa and have a sudden desire for a spa session while on your vacation, you need to tell your personal butler. He will arrange a convenient session for you. It is as simple as that.

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Make sure you reach the spa center way before the scheduled time. Because you need to prepare yourself for the session. There would be a changing room and safe for putting your valuables. Once you reach, the receptionist will inquire about your health conditions and any dos-and-don’ts. If you are allergic to certain things or running any illness at that time, you must let them know. They will customize the session.
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