Maldives Resort Meal Plans

Almost all Maldives beach resorts will provide this highest meal plan, all inclusive. A typical all inclusive meal plan will include breakfast, lunch and dinner along with a select menu of exclusive beverages like champagne, wines and mocktails. Resorts might name their all inclusive meal plans to differentiate and highlight them before their guests. Also, resorts will have taken care to stuff this featured meal plan with the best of their culinary offerings. Access to resort's specialty restaurants like grills and Japanese food is another characteristic of an all inclusive meal plan. No matter honeymoon, family holiday vacation or beach wedding, a Maldives resort deal with an all inclusive meal plan gives you supreme dining experience at the resort.

The term all inclusive plan has taken a wider dimension in that such a plan will include several other complimentary recreational activities such as motorized water sports in addition to this dining superiority. Nowadays, most Maldives beach resorts have a featured premium package or deal that would already include an all inclusive meal plan.

Like all inclusive, full board makes for three meals a day, namely, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Unlike all inclusive, full boards won't provide for premium beverages by default. If you want to pick from the list of exclusive drinks or dishes, you can have it by paying up front; that means you will get an extra bill for those dishes "outside your full board plan". If you want to be both extravagant and under budget at the same time on a Maldives visit, full board can help you. All beach resorts in the Maldives will provide a full board meal plan for all sorts of Maldives visits such as honeymoon, family vacation and beach wedding.

Half board gives you two main meals a day. In addition to breakfast, you will get either lunch or dinner. In most cases, it will be dinner by default. But if you want, you can ask for lunch instead of dinner. Booking a half board meal plan for your Maldives visit can help you stay under budget. Breakfasts at Maldives beach resorts will be so sumptuous that it will tide you over the rest of the day without having an appetite for food. So a half board meal plan is no less a strategy to have if you go for a Maldives vacation. All beach resorts in the Maldives will provide a half board meal plan for all kinds of Maldives visits. On a side note, if you are with your family and kids, better go for higher plans.

This is a misconception. Maldives beach resorts don’t have a separate meal plan for breakfast only. All Maldives beach resorts including city hotels in Male’ provide free breakfast for their guests. Your villa price will be inclusive of a sumptuous buffet (normally it is buffet) breakfast on all days of your stay. So, you can’t opt for a breakfast-only meal plan while booking a Maldives beach resort. Generally, it is mandatory that you secure any of meal plans from half board up.