Maldives Visa

Things to know about Maldives visa

It is a commonly asked question that whether you need VISA to visit Maldives! Since it is a tourism country, Maldives puts no restraints on pre-arrival visa system. Citizen from any country around the world would be granted a 30-days on-arrival VISA once you finished the immigration processes here at Valena International Airport. It is up to the immigration officer to issue not more than thirty days or less than that. Anyway it is totally free for you to visit the Maldives except for a valid passport.
maldives visa

Though the Maldives has no strict policies on the entry for the tourists, there are certain things you need to present at the time of immigration for the smooth functioning of matters, which are totally easy. Anyway, there remains the chance of getting rejected the entry failing to present them. Don’t forget to take the below-listed things on your visit to the Maldives and always remember to keep them with you in your handbag. Be careful not to put any of them in your luggage since you have to present them at the Immigration.
  • A valid passport of yours with at least 6 months' validity!
  • Your return flight ticket!
  • An accommodation voucher of reservation confirmed by any of tourist resorts or hotels in the Maldives – simply means, a voucher from the resort you booked
  • Sometimes you should have 100 USD in your wallet.

The foreigners shall apply to the Head Office of the Immigration through the Visa Extension Application Form in official working time if they want to renew their tourist visa by extending it to a total of 90 days at maximum including the 30 days already granted at a fee rate of 750 Maldivian Rufiyaa which would roughly amount to 50 USD. Before sanctioning the extension, Immigration would run a check on your financial position for the intended stay period in Maldives.