Airport Meet & Greet

Once you landed at Velana International Airport in Maldives, our dedicated team would reach out to you and receive you with a name board on your way out after checking out. You won’t even have single moment of being lost. After a small chat with us, you shall be safely handed over to resort representatives for your transfer to the resort. We would lead you to the boat jetty or seaplane terminal according to the transfer method you have opted. At seaplane terminal as well, your checking in processes would be carried out by us. You won’t have to even worry thinking about how-to or where-to.
On your transfer back to the airport after your resort accommodation, the resort representatives would follow and accompany you until the last moment of checking-in, on our behalf. Even if it is the combined transfer of domestic flight and speedboat journey, there is no room for tension since at domestic airport things shall be handled by us. Everything would be arranged punctually in order to catch your return flight from Valena International Airport.
Literally speaking, no matter it is your first time here in  Maldives, our guests would not have hard time getting to the resort or finding us at the airport because once you confirmed your stay in Maldives, it is on us to make your every moments in here extremely relaxed and pleasurable.