Planning a trip to the beautiful Maldives from India but not sure how to?? Well, you have come to the right place!! In this blog, we will give a brief tour on all the info you need before planning a trip to the tropical paradise called Maldives. The magnificent island country with some of the world’s most spectacular beaches, luxury resorts, turquoise lagoons and much more is a dream destination for many! Maldives is the place to lose yourself in the calm of the blue ocean, soft sandy stretches, swinging palms and a beautiful villa with your loved one.

No wonder it is the quintessential tourism hot spot for honeymooners, a family retreat or even solo travellers. We have some of the best Maldives tourism packages from India just for you!!! Book your journey with our special Maldives honeymoon packages from India or get the best deal in Maldives family packages from India. We have everything for you to offer. For now, please go through this info blog to know more on Maldives!!!

Where Is Maldives Located?

Maldives is a beautiful archipelago spread in the midst of azure blue waters of the vast Indian Ocean. The nation is a group of thousands of beautiful islands known for its breath-taking oceanic beauty. It is located on the southern side of Indian peninsula and is around little more than 2000 kilometers away from India.

Best Time & Season Of The Year To Visit Maldives?

Best time to visit Maldives to relish that once in a lifetime experience would be from November to April as it is the sunniest period in the island. It is the perfect time to bask in the beauty of Maldives with sun lit beaches, turquoise waters, amazing marine life, colorful corals and a lot more. You can also spot the cheerful dolphins, the great blue whale and some manta rays as well while enjoying a boat ride or sea dive! Maldives also offers you some of the thrilling oceanic adventures like scuba diving, jet skiing, surfing, dining underwater, witnessing bio-luminescent beaches and much much more!! These months are also the perfect choice for couples to enjoy a memorable honeymoon in Maldives.

India To Maldives VISA

No need to worry on the VISA requirements when travelling to Maldives as a free VISA upon arrival is provided to the travelers that is valid for 30 days. You only need to have a passport valid for at least six months to have a tour of Maldives. You can also contact the Embassy of India in Male when needed while you stay in Maldives. 

How Long Is The Flight To Maldives From India?

That’s the good news!! You can fly to Maldives from a number of airlines from India and can reach there in less than three hours via a flight from Bangalore! Isn’t that great? A lot of Indian airports offer flights to Maldives and the flight time ranges according to the city and airline you are flying from and the number of stops. Also keep in mind the time difference between India and Maldives as the latter is half an hour behind India.

How To Go To Maldives From Major Cities Of India?

You can easily catch a flight to Maldives from the major cities of India i.e. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin, Ahmedabad and others at a reasonable price. The flight ticket may vary as per the region and airline you are travelling from. Several airlines offer flight services for Maldives from India notably Air India, SpiceJet, Sri Lankan Airlines, Mega Maldives, Indigo, Emirates, Singapore Airways, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways and British Airways. With opening of three new airports and a runway in Maldives, it would even be more easy and convenient to travel to Maldives in coming future. Isn’t that great news?

How To Reach Maldives From Delhi?

Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi is well connected with roads and you can reach there either via taxi or airport metro. Your flight ticket for flying to Maldives can be very cheap under just 9000 bucks to a whopping 60000 rupees depending on various conditions like airline, number of stops, services, time of booking, etc. Average time to reach from Delhi to Maldives would range somewhere between 4 to 10 hours though can increase on account of stoppages.

How To Reach Maldives From Hyderabad?

You’ll be happy to know that flights go on a daily basis to Maldives from Hyderabad via Rajiv Gandhi Hyderabad International Airport. Major airline offering flights include Indigo, SpiceJet, Air Asia, Air India, GoAir, Sri Lankan Airlines, Emirates and Qatar Airways. You can travel to the tropical bliss called Maldives with air fare starting from ?7,000 only!!

How To Reach Maldives From Mumbai?

Flying from India is indeed a blessing for you when travelling to Maldives as you can book a flight in unbelievably low prices! Cheapest flight for Maldives from Mumbai starts at just ?6988! Average flight duration from Mumbai to Maldives would be around just 5 hours and there is one direct and 31 connecting flights for Maldives.

How To Reach Maldives From Chennai?

Chennai International Airport offers cheap and short flying offers to Maldives. You can fly to Maldives from Chennai with an air fare under ?8000 only! Air India offers a flight duration of just 4 hours 40 minutes to reach Maldives which is really a piece of cake for you.

How To Reach Maldives From Bangalore

Bangalore has the shortest flight duration to Maldives!!! A flight from Bangalore to Maldives will take only one hour and 55 minutes and Air India is the only airline offering direct flight to Maldives. Average distance between Bangalore and Maldives is around 1076 Kilometers and the cheapest flight is available at just under ?7,000!!

Flying To Maldives Other Major Indian Cities?

Apart from the above mentioned airports, a number of cities offer flight services to Maldives though the flight duration and pricing can have variation. You can fly to Maldives from Mangalore but there is no direct flight available and the air fare starts from ?10,000 onwards and average flight duration is around 6 to 11 hours. You can also catch flights from Ahmedabad to Maldives starting from under ?8000 and will take around 8 to 10 hours to reach Maldives as no direct flight is available for now. Flights are also available from Jaipur to Maldives but it’s better to fly from Delhi to get better fare price and less flight duration. Connecting flights are also available from Kolkata to Maldives starting from ?11,000 and has an average flight duration of 9 hours. Similar flights are available from Goa to Maldives and take around 8 hours and more to fly to Maldives starting under ?8000. Flights to Maldives are also available from Amritsar and Vijayawada but it is advisable to fly from nearby major airports if possible to get better airline offers and price.

If you are from Kerala then you can get a direct flight from Kerala to Maldives from Kochi International Airport via Indigo starting at just ?6,124 and will reach Maldives within 1 hour 35 minutes only!! Other connecting flights start from less than 5,000 bucks and have an average flight duration of more than 5 hours. Air India also offers the shortest flight from Trivandrum to Maldives i.e. just 1 hour fifteen minutes starting at just ?5,330!!!

Some Key Points!

There are few important points you must keep in mind while planning a fun trip to Maldives!!

  • Always plan in advance!! Be it your flight tickets, hotel bookings and other important stuff. Also its better to book with all-inclusive Maldives holiday packages by travel agencies to get budget deals! We have some of the best Maldives holiday packages for you. Check them out!
  • Prefer booking a flight that reaches Maldives in afternoon or morning to avoid extra budget for a night stay in Male, the capital city of Maldives.
  • Keep in mind the cultural and religious mind set of Maldives while your stay there and respect the locals while in the native islands.
  • For couples who are on a honeymoon in Maldives, staying at a private island is the best romantic getaway where you’ll get that “me time” with your loved one amidst the serene beauty of Maldives! You will get some of the best Maldives honeymoon packages at the best resorts in Maldives!

    I guess now you have an idea on how to plan your journey from India to Maldives, right?? Well, flying to Maldives from India is relatively on a budget especially if you are from the southern part of India. So, what’s the wait? Plan you trip today with the best deals on Maldives tour packages from India!!! We have special tour packages for all your needs be it Maldives honeymoon packages, family vacation packages or an all-inclusive Maldives holiday package!! We cater to all your travel needs making sure that you have an experience of a lifetime while staying at some of the best resorts and hotels in Maldives!


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